Saturday, November 6, 2010

Picture 30 of 365

Long lost friend, part 2

Not too many months, my friend E came back to town after being gone for almost a year. Now, T has returned for a short visit. It had been over a year since I had seen him last and it was great to see my friend again (even if he can't remember how to smile correctly).

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In an example of near perfect symmetry, October ends just as it begun, with a concert. As a wonderful birthday present, my dear friend Julie bought tickets for the Toby Mac, Third Day, and Micheal W. Smith concert. It was an incredible event. It was like a flash back go my high school days. What a perfect end to an amazing October.

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Zoo day!

For Erin's birthday, back in June, she wanted to go to the zoo. It was the perfect day! The zoo is very large and it was quite a walk. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I could relate to this polar bear way too easily.

Picture 27 of 365


This picture was taken after our presentation was over. What an amazing experience and awesome opportunity. I can't believe it went as well as it did and just how confident I felt once it was over. After a few days it was back to the normal, but that afternoon, I could have conquered the world.

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Wine tour

On Thursday night we busted out the the first of the wine bottles from the trip. Buck Shoals was probably one of my favorite stops.

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Oh Cheese!

Some days things can get pretty bad. The students can be driving me nuts, fellow drivers can be going very slowly on a road that is impossible to pass on, and I have to figure out yet again what to have for dinner. The best part of my night was opening my fridge and finding one last string cheese in the drawer.

Picture 24 of 365

Pushing it

My gas tank was capable, I had thought, of holding 14 gallons. The other day I had decided not to stop on my way to drop off my fellow carpooler and would just stop on my way to my place. Turns out I'm very thankful that my tank is slightly larger than 14 gallons. Not sure I want to take it that close again.