Monday, October 18, 2010

Picture 23 of 365

Impromptu photo shoot.

I made my two friends stand still for many minutes at a time to let me take over 150 pictures. I was looking for different poses and playing with light to see what kind of pictures I could get. I had so much fun and my friends were such good sports.

Picture 22 or 365

Wine tour! The goal of heading to the mountains was to visit some of the local wineries and see what they had to offer. Out of all the ones that we went to, I would have to say that Buck Shoals was the best.

Picture 21 or 365

Weekend getaway. Late Friday night I arrived in Wilkesboro, NC for a weekend in the "mountains". Even though, technically, we were in the foothills, the scenery was gorgeous. On of my favorite parts was sitting in the rocking chair in front of the fire. Most everything in the cabin was made of wood and just walking in brought a wave of cedar. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend.

Photo 20 of 365

The best of both worlds

This was given to me by a friend of mine. It made me laugh and has since found a place pinned to the cork board by my desk.

Picture 19 or 365

Old maid? Now that my hair has started to get longer and I still cannot stand to have it in my face, I've taken to putting it in a bun most days. There are times I feel like a school marm, but it's just so practical.

Picture 18 of 365

Finished product.

I've been working on this blanket for over a year. With the knowledge that I would be flying home to see my niece I put a rush on finishing it. I can't believe it's finally done.

Picture 17 of 365

Time to go back south.

Michigan in the fall can be a very beautiful place. The days can average 70 and the evenings can dip to the 50's. As a way to get together one last time, my parents had a bon fire. It was the perfect night to spend around the fire.

Picture 16 of 365

The crazy cat. One of the benefits of flying to see my niece was spending time with the rest of my family as well. My sister and brother in law took a poor cat in off the street not too long ago. But seeing as this cat had been on its own for the first part of its life, it's a little hesitant to be held and cuddled.

Picture 15 of 365

Time to catch up.

I took several pictures up until the 8th of October, but unfortunately, none of them managed to get saved to my hard drive. So, in an effort to keep going, I'll do some skipping and jumping. My sister and brother in law's little girl was born 10-1-10. The following Thursday I was able to fly home to see my family and surprise my sister and her hubby. It was beyond worth it to see them and get to hold my new neice.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Picture 14 out of 365

My cousin had a friend drop out of going to a concert last minute and offered the spot to me. I love Sugarland and Little Big Town so of course I was in. It was the perfect night to have an outdoor concert. Clear skies, cool, crisp nights, and great music. So far, I have to say October is shaping up to be the best month of the year. Hopefully the time goes by fast and Christmas is here before I know it.

Picture 13 of 365

Today I got some of the best news ever. My sister and her husband have welcomed Adelaide November Mosey at 12:16 in the morning. I am so incredibly excited for them. These are one of those times that I wish more than anything else that I could be home, enjoying my time with them. With that in mind, I called my aunt and just asked if I could come over for a hug. I figured that if anyone could understand my desire to be home, she could. By the end of the night I had a massive headache, some very bloodshot eyes, but I did feel slightly better. But my pillows have never looked better.

Picture 12 of 365

When I was a kid I wanted more than anything to have curly hair. I owned a crimper with several plates, and one of of them could turn my whole head into wavy, fried curls. While I no longer know what happened to the crimper, I can still get the same effect by sleeping over night in a french braid. Lately, I've taken to wearing a small portion along my hairline in a braid. It's the perfect way to keep my hair back without using pony tails.

Picture 11 or 365

Fun times were had by all. Or at least by two small cats. I had unwisely left this toy on the shelf next to my bed. In the middle of the night Lucy decided that it was play time. So she jumped up, grabbed her toy, knocked over my necklace stand and jumped back down. I did not enjoy being woken up by the sounds of crashing and breaking at 2 am. My poor downstairs neighbors. I can't imagine what they were thinking.

Picture 10 of 365

Along with fall temperatures, we have gotten rain. Almost too much rain. But on the plus side, I can now pull out my warm, comfy blanket. I got this blanket 12 years ago on a trip to Mexico. I love pulling this out because it means cool, crisp nights.

Picture 9 of 365

ARGHHHHH..... elapsed time has to be personally responsible for any and all gray hairs that I might have. I hate teaching this subject and we are only given 2 weeks in which to do it. This, along with the fact that it was a Monday, makes this concept such a bear. So in an attempt to make it more interactive I decided to put a giant clock on the floor along with a really spinner hand and take some markers and draw on the floor. My kids were all a little shocked as I got down on the floor and began writing. Hopefully it will pay off in learning.