Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 38 - the terror

I spend a lot of time working on my computer. If it's not working on school stuff, then it's usually wasting time on facebook (see background). Of course, when I'm home, Lucy stays right near by. I can't decide if it's becuase she wants attention or that she just knows she can be the biggest pain laying right in front of the keyboard. Any way around it, I love having her here though.

Day 37 - drugs make you lazy

It's PJ Day at the Rock. These are just a few of my lovely students that keep me on my toes all day long. I must admit though, it was awful nice to wake up, put on clean pj's and go work. The tall girl's shirt cracks me up. Apparently Twilight mania strikes even third graders.

Day 36 - Voila

I looked out the window this morning and it seemed as if a bucket of color has been splashed over all the trees. I'm sure the last time I saw that tree in daylight (2 days ago) that the leaves were still green. I was amazed to wake up Sat. morning and see this. I love the fall and all the colors it brings.

Day 35 - Fall Festival

Every fall and spring our PTO puts on a festival. It's a great time for parents to come out and enjoy an evening with their kids and see the teachers in an informal light. Every year there is a dunk tank and this year, these were three of the volunteers who were willing to get wet. I especially like Derek's shirt "you can't scare me, I'm a teacher"

Day 34 - Blocked

So tonight, I was stuck. It was 10:00 and I had no clue what to take a picture of. So I decided to take a bunch of random pictures and see what came out. I liked this one simply because this is me, hair in a pony tail, glasses, wearing a school shirt and laying on the floor. To my family, I miss you and when we talk, just picture me chilling at home doing nada.

Day 33 - "It's Alive!"

I do not have a green thumb. Matter of fact, I tend to kill most any and all plants placed in my care. I'm not sure why. I give them water, I give them sun, and they still die. BUT....... this Africian Violet has beaten the odds. I was given it last year (08) in Jan. Since then it has looked to be almost on its death bed, but it has made a come back and now even has some beautiful purple flowers. Maybe if I can keep this plant alive there's some hope for Lucy after all.

Day 32 - Choosy ..... people?

So I can't say I'm a choosy mom, but I definitely prefer JIF. I even have to admit to being a peanut butter snob. If it's not JIF, I don't want it. I've been trying to cut down on eating carbs in the evening, so when I've had a really good workout and I'm really hungry near bed time, it's JIF to the rescue. Nothing like a spoon and a jar of peanut butter. Forget the ice cream, bring on the JIF.

Day 31 - Lucy strikes

So, in an effort to make my days easier, I bring work home at night. My mistake was leaving this paper sitting on the floor overnight. My cat apparently enjoys shredding paper. I woke up in the morning and just cracked up. I had to confess to the kids, that yes, my cat had destroyed someone's homework. They found this hilarious and so now we are writing stories about pet stories. Ah well, lesson learned. Forget buying fancy toys, just give her a piece of paper.

Day 30 - Mysterious Noises

Today I went to leave for church and heard the strangest of noises. I couldn't figure out what it was until I looked up and saw two squirrels having a fight that would have been worthy of one between my sisters and I growing up. I have never heard a squirrel make so much noise.

Whatever it was that made him mad, he certainly wasn't hiding his anger. I just had to laugh.

Day 29 - Raeford Rockband

After 9 weeks of school, the teachers needed some time to chill and relax. Nothing better than sitting around, playing rockband, and hanging with people who understand what being a teacher involves. I don't how I'd survive without these friends.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 28 - It's that time again

It seems that in the last few days, fall has hit North Carolina, and in a big way. We saw the temperature drop from 75 to 55 in a day. I have had to, regretably, pull out the sweaters, sweatshirts, and scarves. I love the fall though. I went to a local produce stand and it was wonderful feeling the crisp air and seeing all the fall colors around. Now just to get out and take some pictures.

Day 27 - Simplicity

As the temperature in my school can sometimes be more unpredictable than a Michigan winter, I decided to pull out the sweaters. Something about this vibrant color against the backdrop of a warm, soft black sweater is appealing. The dark makes the turquoise stand out. I like things that are simple and uncluttered. Could explain why I like my pizza with cheese.

Day 26 - candle comforts

Today I left school early sick. It's the first day in 3 years that I've taken a sick day. But today I needed it. I came home, laid in bed for 5 hours then read by candle light. I think all I needed to complete the picture was a nice glass of wine. I had to settle for grapefruit juice, but what the hay.

Day 25 - falling apart

There are times when I feel like everything around me is completely falling apart. It seems as if it's one thing after another. Those are the times when I'm most likely to complain or become depressed. These are also the times when verses like the ones on the left come to mind and remind that I have a stronghold and a rock when life is more than I can handle.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 24 - stone ages

Well, maybe not the stone ages, but certainly a giant step down in technology for me! I've had the privilege of using a SMARTBoard for an entire year. A few weeks ago, my bulb blew, and alas, no SMARTBoard until the new bulbs arrive. So this means I'm stuck using transparencies. UGH! I now

come home with hands that are covered in green or red pen and I'm stuck sitting in one place teaching. I miss my technology!

Day 23 - mush-ca-rooms

I'm not quite sure why I want to call them that, but I do. And I'm not quite sure why they fascinate me, but they do. I spotted these growing outside of my apartment building when I got home this afternoon and couldn't resist snapping a shot. I guess I always imagine some cute little mouse taking refuge from the storm under its umbrella-like top.

Day 22(ish) - early morning

Techinically this picture is from day 23, but owing to the fact that at one point or another I have forgotten everything, I left my camera at school and didn't think to use my phone till sat. morning.
So at 5 am my alarm went off, tell me time to get up. I went and worked at the Pinhurst triathalon marking people's arms and legs with their numbers. While it was extremely early, I did meet some fun people and I did have a good time. What I walked away with though was the fact that the majority of the people I had the chance to mark were 40+. It was the coolest thing to see people who are still active and very healthy that were 20 yrs. my senior. Almost gives one hope :-)

Day 21 - birthday celebration #2

We went out for a great dinner at Bonefish and the proceded to return for celebratory brownies. This was the face Savannah made just before she realized the brownie was not on the birthday plates. We were absolutely rolling with laughter. Happy birthday!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 20 - Bye Bye Shoes

I came home for working out, looked down, and saw what is here now. Time for new shoes.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 19 - the inspiration.

I figured if I was trying to take pictures of things that represented who I am, I might as well take one of my camera.

Day 18 - nostalgia

So apparently, when I don't post my pics every day, I can begin to see a trend and I guess it's memories this time. This was given to me by an Aunt and Uncle before he died. It occupies a special place on my shelf and reminds me of family.

Day 17 - fond memories

Every day I see these hanging in my room. They are memories of my friends in Michigan. We sat down one day and made the curtains. At the time, they were for a kitchen window, but now, as I don't have a kitchen window, they work in my bedroom.

Day 16 - melodious days

While definately not a baby grand, or even a full keyboard, this piano works quite well to help keep my fingers in practice. I don't sit down to play nearly as often as I'm sure my piano teacher would want me to, but I still enjoy it every once in a while.

Day 15 - Yum

This is what happens when you put 6 teachers in a room with amazing white cheese chicken lasagna. Yum! It was a Friday night and we were ready to relax and eat good food.

Day 14 - Comfy shoes

One thing I have learned, it's never easy to find comfortable shoes that don't look like they belong to a grandma. During a day, I only sit for about an hour a day, so comfortable shoes are so important. Glad I found these, especially since they were a bargain.