Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 22(ish) - early morning

Techinically this picture is from day 23, but owing to the fact that at one point or another I have forgotten everything, I left my camera at school and didn't think to use my phone till sat. morning.
So at 5 am my alarm went off, tell me time to get up. I went and worked at the Pinhurst triathalon marking people's arms and legs with their numbers. While it was extremely early, I did meet some fun people and I did have a good time. What I walked away with though was the fact that the majority of the people I had the chance to mark were 40+. It was the coolest thing to see people who are still active and very healthy that were 20 yrs. my senior. Almost gives one hope :-)

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  1. Thank you Dawn for helping out! I really appreciated it!