Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photo 8 out of 365

Finally!!! Fall has finally arrived in NC, at least for a day. The day began at a very comfortable 82. As the day wore on the temperature dropped, the sky clouded over and the rain began to fall. I'm so excited for the rain. My plan is to lay on the floor with book in hand listening to the rain, all the while having the perfect fall dinner of tomato soup and toasted cheese. Welcome fall, I hope you stay.

Picture 7 out of 365

Okay, I picture behind, but 6 out of 7 is much better than 2 out of 3. Thursday nights are crazy and hectic. I usually leave around 6 am and return around 9 pm (or whenever I start falling asleep at the dinner table). I'm going to need to get creative to take a picture on Thursdays. So, back to Saturday. This is my handy dandy portable, file-every-piece-of-work-a-child-has-done this week filing system. Every weekend I bring it home to check it and sort out all my work.

Picture 6 out of 365

There really is no particular reason I chose to take this picture beyond it was there and I wanted to see if my camera could capture the words clearly. As a rule, I'm not a huge fan of Victoria's Secret. For the most part I find the scents to be overbearing, but this one smells like summer, and who doesn't like summer.

Picture 5 out of 365

Dinner dilemma On the days I don't get home from school until 7 pm, it's extremely hard to work up any motivation to cook. So... popcorn to the rescue. No fuss, very little mess, and tasty goodness. I would have had the dip, but after having it for lunch, it didn't sound very appealing for dinner. Popcorn holds a special place in my heart as it was what my dad and I would always eat on Sunday evenings. We would have had a big Sunday lunch, so there was rarely dinner, just some popcorn to hold you over till morning. Because he worked 2nd shift for so long, this was my time with dad. When I go home now, the question is still "who's making the popcorn?"

Picture 4 our ot 365

My "lounger". One of the drawbacks of not having a tv is having to watch everything on hulu. That, paired with doing school work in the evening, results in my backside being planted in this chair rather than the much more comfortable one in the living room. On the plus side, it can get so uncomfortable that I never sit down for too long.

Picture 3 out or 365

Monday, Monday..... what to do for dinner? Seeing as that it is fall, I decided that the crock pot would be the answer to that question. Forget the fact that it's still 95 and humid out, I'm heading full force into fall. I decided to try this buffalo chicken dip a friend had recommended. An obscene amount of cheese and four chicken breasts later, I was not so patiently waiting on my dinner. Finally about 9:30 it was finished. Too late for dinner that night, but it made some wonderful leftovers for the next five days.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 out of 365

My two monsters decided that after a morning of terrorizing the helium balloons, they needed to take a rest. I can't believe that I've now been a cat owner for a year and that her kitten is now double her size. Thank God for the times these pets have provided so much enjoyment.

1 out of 365

I have some really great friends. Some that go out of their way to remind me I'm older than they are. In that line of thinking, she decided to put all 31 candles on my birthday cake. Sadly enough, it was sufficient to light up the room. Ah well, gotta love those friends.

Picture 202 out of 365....

It seems that every 2 out of 3 days I managed to take and post a picture. In an attempt to top that number by next birthday, I plan to continue the project. But for the last picture of my 30th year, I decided I'd take a picture of our dessert at dinner Friday night. Carolina Ale House gives you a free dessert. I'm glad it's free because we certainly didn't get much further than this in finishing the dessert nachos. Not really a picture that sums up my year, or really anything introspective, but still, the most memorable part of my day. Thanks Rockfish ladies for a great meal!