Sunday, February 28, 2010

Picture 69

Today, right about 2, I got the urge to re-arrange the furniture in my living room area. Every now and again I feel a need to change something. Usually the answer is cut off my hair or dye it, but this time, it was to move furniture. It all started when I cancelled my cable tv. I didn't need it and felt it was often a distraction. But the cable company did actually turn it off. They quit charging me, but didn't turn off the service. I thought "cool, free cable". But as I began to really think about it, I didn't cancel the cable because of the cost, I cancelled it because it was a distraction. Free cable did fix that.
So today, I moved the tv to the opposite side of the room where the cable cord can't reach. The reception is so bad where I live that I can't even get local channels with rabit ears and a converter box. Maybe now I can keep up with the blog a little bit better.

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