Monday, August 23, 2010

Picture 200 - Charleston, Charleson, made in Carolina

My friend Julie sent a video on facebook of this song celebrating my first trip to Charleston, SC. Living in NC, I really haven't seen much of the south. I've puttered around a bit near where I live, but I've never really gone further than Myrtle Beach. So when Jenni suggested we resume our attempt at taking photo trip once a month and that we begin in Charleston, I said "YAY!" What an amazing, fun-filled day. Charleston is very rich in history dating back to the revolutionary war. The architecture was an amazing contrast to the often cookie cutter look of many other cities. That and the people were so friendly. We stopped in a little cafe for lunch and struck up a conversation with our waitress. As we were headed out the door, she told us to each take a bottle of water with us to make sure we stayed hydrated. As we were singing along with the radio at the top of our lungs on our way home, I couldn't help thinking how exciting this adventure is going to be.

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