Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picture 113 - The beginning of the end of the story

Anyone who has talked to me in the last week or so knows that it has been kinda stressful. Turns out the oil problem on Wednesday had long term consequences. On Friday morning I drove to work and had a friend follow me just in case. As I broke down on the way, I was very thankful I had. I ran it at 60 for about 5 miles when the engine started making an awful noise. There was some squealing, the smell of something burning, and a whole lot of knocking. This time though, I didn't panic, but quite calmly called Walmart and asked that they take care of it. Their customer service has been above reproach in this matter. They have taken full responsibility, submitted a claim to their insurance, and got me a rental car to use until my car is fixed (which their insurance is paying for). Yes, God is good! Hopefully I'll find out the extent of the damage done this afternoon and have a time frame for when my car is done.

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