Friday, September 18, 2009

Dawn - A new beginning!

I've long considered tackling a 365 photo project, but I seem to be the person who can always start something, but never quite get it finished. I finally came to the point of being ready to tackle it, but lacked a catalyst. New Year's is still too far off, and by then who knows if I'd have the motivation to do this. So, I decided that as I officially enter a new decade (the 30's), I would document this first year. Thank God I'm longer in my teens, and the 20's were not bad at all, but I'm looking forward to the excitement the 30's will bring.

A good friend asked what I had learned from 29, and what I hoped to learn from year 30. I guess 29 taught me how to listen for God's voice, that it's ok if not everyone is happy with me, and that doing the same thing all the time and expecting something different truly is insanity.

Here's to seeing every day events in a new and creative light.

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  1. Love it already! I to will tackle this project one day! Best wishes and great start! :)