Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Picture 164 - Toy Story!

There has been a recent trend of releasing movies that are in 3-d. For the most part I've chosen not to go because it seems pretty overrated. Though, in the case of Avatar, I do regret this. Looks like it would have been amazing to see in 3-d. Some friends decided that Friday night they would go see the new Toy Story movie and I decided I'd give this 3-d thing a try. The glasses are a long way from the cardboard, one blue lens, one red lens glasses that I remember when I was young. Turns out I hadn't been missing much with the 3-d thing either. It just added depth to the movie and made it seem more realistic. I was really hoping that there would be more things that "jumped out" at us. The story was good though and so that made it worth it.

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